We get asked nearly every day: What are your favorite platforms for virtual events? With conferences and events in the midst of a mass migration to move online, new options appear every day. Here are some of our top tools for virtual events to get you started. We’ll add more tools as we learn more about them.

is a well-established virtual event platform with its share of limitations.  Like a traditional conference, you can produce a keynote or general session, followed by breakout sessions in other “rooms”.  The platform can be buggy when presenting Keynote slides and works better as a pre-recorded live-like presentation.  It also allows live Q&A or Meet-The-Experts rooms in your ‘Expo’ space. On24 is a web-based platform. It does not require downloading an application. The user-friendly interface has a low threshold of entry for participants who are not particularly tech-savvy.

has become to the main go-to for virtual meetings and many people have already used the platform and have downloaded the app. This is a huge benefit as it can be assumed most people are familiar with the user interface.  One really useful feature is Zoom allows participants to start in a General Session and then be grouped into smaller breakouts by the moderator for more manageable group learning sessions.

is used by craft breweries to keep their craft beer aficionados connected to their brands. The video networking platform also works great for other audiences. Virtual Taproom allows attendees to gather online and talk directly with the host.  This is a great platform for networking, gathering, and participating directly, rather than being a passive viewer.

is great for broadcasting live if you have prerecorded content and a website host page to share it by embedding the stream directly onto your site. YouTube Live is a no-cost way to broadcast ‘live’ at a scheduled time and then have that content on-demand for later viewing.  You can also broadcast content coming from other streaming services, like Zoom Webinar, so that viewers not in Zoom can still participate.  YouTube Live has a moderated chat function as well.

by PGi is a beefy, virtual event platform with meeting space elements like Lobby, Auditoriums, Expo, Networking Halls, and more. The platform is graphics intensive with a life-like atmosphere. If you have sponsors to highlight, this is the most impressive way to give them a platform for their products and services as this virtual conference center is brandable. It has the ability to present live, while showing your slides in a separate window.  Unfortunately, the platform is not super stable and can crash. Make a contingency recorded back up plan to be safe.

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